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Quality Crate Engines

With a Light Crankshaft

And an Even Firing Order

Your power band is available going into the corners


Stevie’s Crazy Garage (SCG) is on a mission to change the way V8 engines are thought of and put together.  The garage has been working diligently to produce high performance and cost effective high RPM engines based on well-known American V8 block types—Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, etc.  These engines are available for order as a complete ready to run engine—a crate engine.  Bolt one in, start it up, and drive it to the track. They come with top quality components and assembled using state of the art technique.  If requested, the engine is dyno tuned for maximum power.

And what pray tell is the difference between an SCG V8 crate engine and the others out there a very jammed up market.   Well, the SCG crate engine is called the FlatFast Crate Engine.  This is because it uses a flat plane crankshaft at its core.  Long thought to be extinct in America, the engines are capable of between 8400 and 9000 RPM depending on the rod type.  The rotating assembly is designed as a single unit to reduce the feared resonant frequencies and irritating vibrations.  If fact, tests performed on the prototype V8 using all steel components showed that vibrations and resonant frequencies to be fairly normal.

The SCG customers can now order a V8 engine that sounds and performs like a Ferrari at a fraction of the cost. SCG will continue to make improvements on the materials used to produce these lightweight components.  As the company grows, it will push to grow into other engine types which will lower the cost and time to manufacture.  Super light components increase the horsepower and revolutions per minute for any engine in our total manufacturing scope.  This will include big blocks and just about any engine make ever made since the 1930s.  Just image your flat head Ford V8 turning extreme high RPMs in your deuce coupe.

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