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Quality Built Racing Engines --- Using Top Manufactures

FlatFast Quality Built Flat Plane Engines

At SCG, top quality built racing engines use the latest in flat plane technology—the lightest and correct dimension components.  The unit components include the crankshaft, camshaft, pistons, rods, rings, bearings, and harmonic dampener. The rest of the plane crate engine components are selected to achieve the most power and survive at the target RPM. The components are all new and are supplied by top quality vendors in the motorsports industry such as Bryant Racing, Dart, Carrillo, Airflow Research, and PAC Racing Springs just to name a few. The garage has an option to tune the engine for maximum performance and conduct a vibration characterization on a dynamometer before shipping.  The characterization test is performed to ensure power robbing ringing is contained on these quality built racing engines.  Of course, street and other motorsports engines are available.  Hit the More Info button to contact the garage.

The garage has several American style V8 engine designs available—the LS and Small Block Chevrolets; the 8.2”, 9.2”, 9.5” deck height and Coyote Fords; the Gen3 and LA Chrysler.  SCG has also researched the Toyota 5.7L and Ford 6.2L engines for solutions in the future.  The supporting components/parts availability for these engines is incredible.  Some make good choices for a flat plane and others not so much.  The garage has removed the guessing from the build as much as possible. For instance, Cleveland style heads can be used for the Ford small block builds because of the flow numbers.  A stock small block Chevy block may not be enough to cover the RPM.  At the time of order, the garage will review the options based on the purpose of the engine and create the correct quote. For more info on the engine types, hit the Build Options button.

Quality Built Racing Engine on the Dyno

On Dyno