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Flat Plane Technology

Prototype on the Dyno

Crankshaft Kits and Crate Engines

A V8 flat plane crankshaft is special and the concept changes the way one must think about engine performance.  Traditional V8 cross planes can build large torque quickly due to the load distribution in two planes at the rod journals.  The crankshafts have an odd firing order (less efficient) and are heavier.  Most are done at 6500 RPM. Cross planes with aluminum or titanium rods can hit 8500 RPM.  Hold this thought.  Flat plane V8s because of the rod journal layout fire evenly bank to bank (very efficient).  This allows the engine to spin higher and faster.  The prototype engine hit 8400 RPM with all steel components.  SCG believes with lighter rods, these engines can hit 9,000 RPM or more.  Because of the even firing order, flat planes have long and very flat horsepower and torque curve.  You can hold your shifts longer up or down.  This is a huge advantage in motorsports.

These engines are special because they use a more modern design method with very light components.  The unit contains the complete rotating assembly which is thought of as a single functional unit.  The methodology places strict boundary parameters around the design. The method is able to minimize vibration and resonant frequencies.  Dyno testing shows that the method works. In the test for resonant frequencies, the engine was run from 1800 RPM to 2500 RPM in 100 RPM increments under a load.  No unusual resonant frequencies were noticed.  The infamous irritating vibration was not seen during any of the testing.

Because the units are particular in their operational envelope, SCG is currently only offering complete crate engines and long blocks.  The valve train, head flow dynamics, and ignition must correlate to reach the high RPM and power expected by this type of engine.  The garage also setups up the engines as ready to run which helps the customer when switching from the well-known cross plane type engine.  If requested, the engines can be dyno tuned for maximum output and a vibration characterization performed.  Order yours today and become flat fast.   For more info on Why a FlatFast,  hit the Race Comparison button.

What is a FlatFast Crankshaft?

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Use an engineered flat plane tuned kit.